One important part of making your final arrangements is making sure you understand – and have made preparations for – your funeral costs.  Before you begin, it’s important to know you have specific rights when it comes to funerals.  The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) first introduced the “Funeral Rule” in 1984 to prevent funeral homes form pressuring people into buying goods and services they didn’t need or want.  It was also intended to help protect consumers from being overcharged for the items they did want.

The Funeral Rule gives you the right to:

  • Buy only goods and services you want.
  • Be offered pricing information by phone.
  • Be provided with an itemized statement of all goods and services.
  • See a list of casket prices.
  • Be offered a price list for outer burial containers.
  • Be provided with a written statement prior to making any payments.
  • Select and alternate container for cremation.
  • Provide your own casket or urn.
  • Decline embalming prior to a funeral.

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