Identity Theft Solutions

Explore our affordable plans designed for ultimate protection. Whether it’s just you or your family, we’re constantly working to keep your identity and private information protected and restoring it should something happen. The IDShield plan monitors private data, social monitoring, username/password monitoring, enhanced sex offender monitoring with alerts and much more.  Other services include a convenient app for your smart phone as well as a password vault to keep your usernames and log in secure.

Individual and Family Coverage

In today's digital age it can be hard to know for certain if your cyber identity is protected.  Everyday we access the internet via our mobile devices, public wi-fi at the local coffee shop, hotels, and many other locations.  We also expose ourselves on social media letting people know where are and where we are NOT.  Our identity is so valuable that it is traded like commodities on the dark web but how can we protect it and more importantly, how do we get it back if it is stolen?  With IDShield you can have better peace of mind.  In addition to protecting ourselves we often forget our children, whose identities are just as valuable.  Click our link to learn more how we can help to protect you and your family!

Employee Benefit Option

On average it takes over 300 hours to restore your identity if there is a breach.  Imagine having an employee that is now having to work a part-time job trying to resolve a serious personal matter and whose attention during the workday would be distracted as they are constantly pre-occupied by what their next steps are who they need to call and what documents they need.  This can seriously deminish your company's productivity.  What if instead they are able to make a single phone call and have a licensed private investigator do all the leg work for them and your employee can now focus on the important task of helping your business?  With IDShield as an employee benefit we can help with that peace of mind.  Employees also get a group discount.  You can offer this awesome and unique benefit as a voluntary plan or as a fringe benefit.  On payroll deducation or as bank draft.  Thanks to the IRS it can also be Pre-Tax on a Cafeteria or Section 125 plan.

Members Speak

"Extremely grateful to my licensed private investigator in dealing with the credit companies on our behalf.  He took time to follow up to make sure that I received the reports, ensuring I had sufficient opportunity to review and provide feedback." - Member, M.S.

"I was very emotional talking to the investigator about the mistake I made that  put my Social Security number and credit card in jeopardy.  She was very generous and understanding, with the assurance that all would be well.  I will always appreciate this." - Member, R.H.

"It was great to get the matter resolved within hours of the alert.  I was please with the clear, helpful information presented by both private investigators I talked with.  The main reason it took several hours was that I was at work (teaching) and I had to try to focus on remembering what may have triggered the alert." - Member, M.F.

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