Professional Growth

Become a part of an industry of professionals.  A member of your community working with other professionals and prospective clients. Participate in Continued Education opportunities and product training.

Earn Your Worth

Ever wanted to earn what you are really worth?  You could have unlimited earning potential with our agency.  The opportunity is available, are you ready?  Learn about how residual income works and why YOU should have it!

Licensed Agent Route

This is the most lucrative route in working with our Agency.  As a licensed agent you will have access to ALL of our products and services to offer clients. This is a multi-step process and takes from two-weeks to one month to complete.

  1. Study and Pass the State Insurance Exam
  2. Pass a Background Check and Fingerprinting
  3. Obtaining Professional Liability Insurance (E&O)
  4. Carrier Contracting and Company Appointments
  5. Product and Sales Training
  6. Ready to Serve!

Non-Licensed Agent Route

Although most of our products and services require an insurance license some of our products do not.  If you are interested in working with our agency you can still participate in a wonderful business opportunity.  Click the button below to learn more about our Non-Licensed Agent Opportunity!

  1. Complete the Associate application by clicking the link below.
    1. You will need to be Legal Shield Member
    2. You will pay a one time Associate Fee to Legal Shield
  2. Obtain a Legal License (application and fee) for the State you wish to market in (TN & VA both require it).
  3. Product and Sales Training
  4. Ready to Serve!

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