Legacy of Love - Funeral Planning

Don't be a burden to your family for unexpected costs!  Part of responsible planning is protecting our loved ones from the unexpected cost of your final arrangements.

You can rest assured that you have planned to provide the benefits to cover outstanding costs of your funeral arrangements at the time of need.

No one is sure what the future may hold.  You can take action today to ensure that your loved ones are cared for in the event of a death.

Outline of Services

My Chronicles

A permanent planning tool that will share with your family and loved ones your historical information, life lessons, and values you hope they keep.

Estate Planning Attorney Locator

Assists you in locating local Estate Planning and Elder Care Attorneys

Inflation Protection

The amount of insurance coverage purchased to fund your wishes INCREASES annually. Once your plan is funded, no additional funding is necessary.

Medicaid Exemption

All money invested in your plan is exempt from Medicaid assets.  Your plan will not affect Medicaid eligibility.

Legacy of Love Counselors

When the time of need arises, our counselors are available to provide assistance to your family during the entire planning process.  Our counselors will evaluate all options available to your family.

Guardian of Your Wishes

Our counselors will convey and ensure your wishes are followed.

Casket Protection Service

Our affiliates will assist with the prevention of emotional overspending on caskets, and other merchandise.

Billing Review

Assistance is available for funeral billing review and questions from your family.

Benefits Advocate

Counselors will assist your loved ones in obtaining all of the benefits you are entitled to.

Monetary Control

You control your pre-planning, NOT the Funeral Director.  Counselors will insure YOU are always in control of the finances of your plans.

Did you know?

62.5% of Americans feel it's very important to talk to others about funeral plans.  (But only 21.4% have done so)


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