Workshop Requests

High School Finance Class

No Cost - We only ask for a Reference or Testimonial

Business Group or Non-Profit

$10 per participant (Minimum of 20)

"Mr. Johnson was fun and informative.  The students learned a lot.  He was able to keep their attention.  Even faculty members learned quite a bit from him!" - Greene County, TN High School

"I first met Mr. Johnson when he was conducting employee benefits for our school.  I invited him to speak to our class about insurance as we were learning about finance and budgets.  Our class was small but everyone really enjoyed the information and he was able to use real life scenarios for examples.  I am glad he was able to fit us in his schedule." - Lee County, VA High School

"I was surprised at how efficient Mr. Johnson was able to adapt his content to our limited instructional time.  He was great and was able to maintain the attention of almost a hundred students. " - Bristol, TN City Schools

"Wow!  I never knew how much I didn't know about insurance.  Now I know I can speak the same language as my insurance agent and better communicate what I want in my coverage and understand what they are presenting.  Definitely a recommendation for ANYONE wanting to learn insurance in a fun way without being worried about being sold something." - G.L. Workshop participant

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