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At Davan Enterprises we believe in educating our clients in order to help them make informed decisions in protecting their families. We realize that not everyone has an insurance license and not everyone that has an insurance license truly understands insurance. One of our passions is helping others understand what resources are available to help transfer risk, which is what insurance is about. We offer insurance 101 classes that are geared toward both adults and students. Insurance 101 is designed to be taught in a high school class setting to help high schoolers transition into adulthood with the information they need in our complex world.

In addition to providing Insurance 101 courses we also provide other educational seminars that are useful in both our personal life and professional life. These include Servant Leadership, Identity Theft, and Creating a Life Plan. Contact us to learn more about these valuable opportunities.

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The Secret of Great Leaders

Learn about the secret that all great leaders know and do.  This program is based upon the principle of servant leadership and is adopted from the leadership curriculum developed by Chick-fil-A, Inc to which the presenter has expressed permission to share this information with you as a Chick-fil-A Brand Ambassador.  Course material and resources are provided for a fee and session lasts about 1 hour.  Contact Us to learn more or to schedule for your next event!

Creating Your Life Plan

We spend more time planning our vacations and our businesses than we do about what kind of legacy we will leave for others.  In this 60 minute session we will discover the resources of creating a life plan to provide focus and meaning to our lives.  Contact us to learn more or schedule a seminar!

Protect Yourself from Identity Theft

In this 30 minute seminar learn about what information is of value to interested parties and how you can protect it.  We will review the ways people steal information, duplicate identities, and of course what you can do to prevent it.  In addition to the education and prevention we will also provide solutions to help with restoration.  The seminar is great for any civic group, church, or interested individuals.   To learn more or to schedule a seminar contact us.

Insurance 101 Workshops

Learn All the Things Your Insurance Agent Wants You to Know but was Afraid to Tell You!

This is NOT a SALES PITCH and is only for educational purposes to help participants become informed consumers.  Often times participants will leave our educational sessions to schedule a meeting with their current insurance agent to continue the conversation.

These workshops when offered to High Schools are at NO COST, we only ask for a reference.  If you are an Insurance Agent or a local organization that would like to host our workshop please visit our Workshop Page below.

Auto Insurance 101

Auto Insurance 101 introduces basic terms and concepts as it applies to Auto Insurance.  Participants will learn how rates are determined and why certain information is needed to provide a quote.  Also about what to do in an accident.  In addition participants will discover just how much coverage is needed and why.

Home Insurance 101

Home Insurance 101 also covers topics related to renters insurance.  We will discuss several situations and scenarios of how and why having home insurance is important and gaps in that coverage.  This is a great informative session for anyone who is currently a renter and considering buying a home or even as a refresher for a current homeowner.

Life Insurance 101

Ever wonder what the difference between Term Life Insurance and Whole Life Insurance is?  Which one do you need and how much do you need?  In this topic we discuss the answer to these questions and more.  How are rates determined and the secrets to life insurance.

Insurance Careers

Did you ever say, "When I grow up I want to be an Insurance Agent!"? Said no one ever.  So why do people choose a career in insurance and what types of jobs are available in the insurance industry?  If you are looking to make a career change or are interested in the jobs available in the industry this is right place.  We also discuss the importance of RESIDUAL INCOME which is not taught to us in school.  I wish I had know more about this concept when I was younger.

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