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Whether you are just turning 65 or already in a Medicare plan we can assist you to make sure you are getting all the benefits you deserve and that you are in the right plan.

Disability Insurance

Did you know that your biggest asset is not your home or your investment accounts but is your ability to EARN an income!  What if you were no longer able to work? We can help.

Health Insurance

We offer both traditional and non-tradition health insurance options.  To learn more about our health solutions visit our health page below.

Legacy of Love- Funeral Planning

Legacy of Love Funeral Planning was developed by caring, compassionate, industry experts to provide you and your family with guidance, assistance, support, and planning for your legacy.  We can assist you with pre-planning your funeral today!

Legal Insurance

Members of our pre-paid legal plan enjoy affordable access to the top law firm in their state for a low monthly membership rate.  Visit our page to learn more!

Health Matching Account

The Health Matching Account is the HSA reinvented.  We proud to offer this unique medical savings plan to our clients.  To learn more about our health solutions visit our HMA page below.

Life Insurance

Do you know the difference between Term Life and Whole Life and which is best for you?  If not we can help and offer a variety of options to fit your needs and protect your family.

Identity Theft

Identity Theft continues to be the number 1 consumer complaint year after year.  We have partnered with the World's Leading Risk Consulting firm to not only protect you but to restore in the event of a breach.  

Educational Forums

We love to educate an audience on a variety of topics including Insurance 101 workshops for adults and even for High School groups.  In addition to insurance topics we also have a program for Leadership and Personal Development.

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Benefits Consulting Services Fee Schedule

Hourly (min. 3 hours)

$30 per Hour

Weekly (min. 3 weeks)

$1,100 per Week

Monthly (min. 3 months)

$4,200 per Month

Quarterly (min. 2 quarters)

$15,000 per Quarter


$60,000 per Year

Payment Terms for Consulting Services:

Payment terms are based upon which fee schedule is agreed upon.  All checks are to be made payable to Davan Enterprises and do not include transportation or lodging expenses incurred.

Hourly Rate

Requires payment in advance.

Weekly Rate

Requires payment in advance

Monthly Rate

Requires payment on the 15th and 30th of each month or 1st and 15th, whichever may apply.

Quarterly and Annual Rate

Requires payment weekly on Friday and includes 3 weeks of vacation time (for annual contract) plus federal holidays.

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