Health Insurance Solutions

Davan Enterprises Insurance Agency prides itself on providing unique solutions for our clients.  Below are some of those solutions including Christian Health Sharing ministry programs that can also be group health plans for churches or other non-profit christian organizations.  Also, a private care membership program for those that either don't have insurance or individuals that have a high deductible health plan that they just can't use unless it's an extreme emergency.  In addition to that we understand how confusing it can get when you reach that milestone of becoming eligible for Medicare and we enjoy educating clients on the many different plans and options that best fit their medicare needs.

Beyond our unique solutions we do offer the more traditional health insurance offering such as individual major medical, dental, vision, and short-term medical plans.  For specific needs to help fill in gaps or assist with out of pocket costs we also offer a variety of supplement insurance plans such as Accident, Cancer, and Hospitalization.  Schedule an appointment and see how we can help you!

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Annual Open Enrollment Is From November 1st Until December 15th for Health Marketplace. Here's the Count Down Until It Opens Again.


Unless You Qualify for a Special Enrollment Period a Short Term Plan May Be Your Best Option!

Health Sharing Plans

Health Sharing is an alternative to traditional health insurance.  Member's share each other's needs.  If you are tired of traditional health insurance over regulation and looking for an affordable alternative then a Health Sharing plan may be the solution for you.  We offer two types: Medi-share for Christians and Sedera for anyone/everyone else including if you are an employer group!  (This alternative is not a good fit for those that may have pre-existing conditions as they may not be covered)

Short Term Medical

Short Term health insurance, underwritten by National General Insurance Company, is a flexible health insurance coverage solution when you need coverage for a period of transition in your life.  You can choose coverage for up to 12 months.  However, pre-existing conditions will not be covered and this is NOT a substitute for traditional health insurance as it does not meet the Minimum Essential Coverage as required by the Affordable Care Act.  To learn more or to see if this is the best option for you Schedule an Appointment

Health Marketplace Enrollment

Open enrollment is a yearly time period set by the ACA. For 2020 the time period begins November 1st and ends December 15th.  It’s your time to shop for individual health insurance and purchase a plan. If you’re ready, you can call us or just click the link below to request a free quote.  It is really easy and only takes 5 minutes.

If you miss this window of time to purchase a plan, there are some exceptions called Qualifying Life Events that let you buy a plan during a Special Enrollment Period.

Depending on your family situation and annual income, you may be able to get a tax credit to help offset your health insurance costs. You can visit to see if you qualify for a tax credit before you start buying your plan. Disclaimer: Davan Enterprises is assisting with Tennessee Residents only at this time for individual health insurance.

Looking for Supplemental Insurance?

We can also provide Dental, Vision, Accident, Cancer, and Hospital insurance to assist with those common out of pocket expenses.

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