Legal Insurance Solution

What if instead of shelling out hefty fees for a few days of legal help, you paid a monthly membership and got a law firm for life?  Well, we’re taking legal representation and making some revisions – in the form of accessible, affordable, full-service coverage.  Finally, you can live life knowing you have a lawyer in your back pocket who, at the same time, isn’t emptying it.

Individual & Family Coverage

In a perfect world, you'd never need a lawyer.  Reality is unpredictable.  We offer affordable plans designed for ultimate protection.  Whether it's for you, your spouse, or your family.  Through Legal Shield you receive advice on unlimited legal matters, Letters and Phone Calls on your behalf, Document and Contract Reviews, Will preparation, IRS Tax Audit, Moving Traffic Violations and Accidents, and many other services for less than a dollar per day!

Small Business Coverage

You've built your business, now protect it!  Business legal plans help your business in many legal matters.  You can run your business with the confidence of a dedicated law firm behind it.  Advice on legal and HR matters, Debt Collection, Contract and Document Review and more.  Plans based upon number of employees your business has.

Employee Benefit Solution

EMPLOYEES ARE FINANCIALLY STRESSED and unprepared for sudden expenses. When they are dealing with personal finances in the workplace, they lose productivity and YOUR COMPANY LOSES MONEY.

Commercial Driver Coverage

As a commercial driver, your livelihood depends upon being on the road. Unexpected legal situations can arise any day, and with LegalShield you and your spouse will have access to a qualified law firm when you need it.

Business Start-Ups

Take the guess work out of starting a business. Launch by LegalShield’s attorneys work with you to get your business started with confidence. Plus when you form your business through Launch by LegalShield, you automatically gain access to the most comprehensive business legal plan

Members Speak

"Thank you LegalShield for all the support I received during a time of need.  I didn't know which direction to turn and LegalShield did for me what I couldn't do for myself.  Thank you so much for ALL YOUR HELP!" - Carol D.

"I was very happy with the way they conducted my case.  i could not believe they could get my traffic ticket completely off my record and I even didn't have to pay anything on the ticket either.  I was truly impressed and very pleased.  Thank you so much, you guys are the best!" - Cindy F.

"My provider law firm reviewed my question and documents carefully and even gathered opinions from other associates in the firm regarding my complicated commercial loan situation.  He did an excellent job of outlining three possible outcomes and helped me devise a plan of action.  I am grateful for LegalShield and the expertise I can access through this subscription" - Alisa L.

"My provider law firm was extremely professional and helpful.  He provided advice regarding employment law that allowed me to feel secure in pursuing action against my employer.  He also sent a letter to my employer on my behalf for final wages.  This service is truly a benefit that everyone should have, because we never know when we will need legal advice.  Thank you and I'm truly grateful!" - California Member

"I have used LegalShield on a couple occasions.  One for child custody questions and the other for issues with my tenants.  each time I received detailed information in a timely manner on what my options were and the laws surrounding them.  it truly is comforting to know I can reach out at any time and receive sound advice!  Thanks guys!" - Jack H.

"The response time from our first call was within an hour.  The lawyer responsive and patient.  She confirmed clarification with her colleagues and returned a call to us with additional information.  All our experience with LegalShield has been great.  We are happy to have this service available to us on an affordable budget for small business." - Member

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