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Time Until Annual Enrollment Begins Again


New to Medicare

If you have just turned 65 or are about to then most likely you are receiving a LOT of information through the mail or otherwise.  This can be confusing.  We are here to help you figure out what the best options are for you so you don't have to do it alone.  But don't wait too long, time is running out.  You have only have 3 months AFTER you turn 65 and then you have to wait until the next Annual Enrollment Period.

Currently on Medicare

Medicare plans can change from year to year just as medical needs.  During Annual Enrollment (October 15th to December 7th) you have an opportunity to make changes to your current plans.  Whether you are on original medicare, a medicare supplement, or even a medicare Advantage Plan we may be able to find additional benefits that you qualify for.  With original Medicare you may want to consider have a Prescription Drug plan as well.

Currently on Disability

Did you know that after 18 months on SSDI you may be eligible for Medicare?  If so we can help you navigate through the alphabet of Medicare plans.  You may be eligible for many extra benefits that would be at zero cost to you!  But remember, you must be within your eligibility window to access these benefits.  So don't wait.

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